Polymorphous light eruptions

“Polymorphous Light Eruptions are
what these appear to be.
Have you been sunning yourself more
than a fair lass like you should be?”

I felt confused, “Look Doctor,
sunbathing is really not my scene.
I’d rather sit inside with fly-free air,
cushioned as I read”.

“Uh-huh I see let’s have another look
at these mysterious stings.
Now have you taken herbal medicines
or eaten unusual things?”

“Er.. no the only drugs I’ve taken
were the ones I got from you,
and as for foods I’ve eaten, well
you’d have to blame my parsnip stew!”

“Eureka! there’s our answer,
you’ve been eating parsnip stew.
I’m afraid my dear these vegetables
are simply not for you.
You see the Parsnip is a vegetable
that can lead to PLE. It makes the skin
erupt in sunlight, causes rashing, sometimes
But I have a cure to help you with this
itchy, painful feeling,
for your stews now on it must be carrots
that you should be peeling.”

Polymorphous Light Eruptions (PLE) is a photosensitivity condition characterised by dramatic rashes which can appear either after sun exposure or touching/eating various plants, particularly parsnips. It is more commonly found in females and can be treated with extract of carrot (beta-carotene).

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