Well I’ll be stumped if I knew that
The trees in the woods could be hidden from view
By the sight of your legs you’re a giant
Your cankles they cover up all of my light
Those cankles they drown out all of my light

And who said my tree could be shaken
And what little leaf has been stumbled upon
by those boots tied around such thick ankles
and no little stars can we see in the sky
and all of the stars are now hiding their light
and the moon’s gone inside he was told he’s too bright
for you want to hide in your woods late at night
rubbing those cankles
that drown out your light

And now you’ve got chains round your ankles
and of all the stars you can see in the sky
you’ll still look to the darkness and not see their light
the moon’s in your hand and your clasping him tight
rubbing those cankles
in the dark moonless night
you have drowned out your light.

Copyright 2017 Donna M Bottomley

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