I started training in singing and songwriting in 2010 at Leeds college of music with the wonderful Anna Uhuru, and began performing as Ortense Blue shortly after. My main interest has been in songwriting and I love working with the sound of words to create a story.


My first album ‘Safe to make a sound’ was released Sept 2017.

This is the link to the album on Spotify

Track Listing:-

  1. Ladies

2. Hammer and Chisel Published by Leopard Music Group. 2018

3. Cold Published by Leopard Music Group. 2018

4. Cover: I put a spell on you

Other songs written & released

Shine Like New – co-written with Michael Garvin


Go Peacefully

Please Stay

‘I Choose Love’ co-written with Michael Garvin (of ‘Never give up on a good thing’, and ‘Waiting for tonight’) in association with Brian Williams of Leopard music and artist Orly Vardy.


Popular Singing – Leeds College of Music 2010-2015
Jazz Singing – Leeds College of Music 2014
Songwriting – Factory Street Studios 2011
Recording and Production – Leeds College of Music 2012
Arvon Songwriting Retreat – Kathryn Williams and Chris Difford 2015
Songwriting Retreat with Martin Sutton (The Songwriting Academy) 2013