Making sense of the tangle

Writing has always been my way of trying to make sense of my experiences and understand my feelings. I use it to help my mind to process the events of a day, and I use it as a tool to offload and clear my head. I use it to understand why certain things bother me because I don’t always know until I’ve thought it through by writing it out.

My favourite writing tool is ‘The Morning Pages’ from Julia Cameron’s ‘The Artist’s Way’, although nowadays I do them at night time and they work for me even though Julia says we shouldn’t do them at night!

In my therapy work with clients I often use a blend of writing exercises with my talking therapies (although only with clients that want to use this tool). The work that my clients do in our therapy sessions together often humbles me. Therapy is not often easy, but it is certainly worthwhile. I often think of the process as being about understanding what our story has been up til now, and then pausing to think about whether this is a story we want to continue. Although it can seem impossible at first, it is more than possible to construct or ‘write’ a new way of being, or ‘story’.

There are actually quite a few different techniques for writing therapeutically. I will be mentioning a few of them in weeks to come, and also am planning a Therapeutic Writing Group (Via Zoom). If you are interested in this do email me at

You matter, and your story matters.

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